Float Spa

Samadhi Float Spa

The Baja Bliss Float Spa is a solo retreat for rest and rejuvenation! It is a cozy 93ºF and 30% Epsom Salt solution. The magnesium sulfate solution allows your body to float effortlessly and reduces inflammation, relieving stress off the muscular and neurological systems (aka. relaxation!).

You have four lighting options from full light to complete darkness. The deepest rest will come with the complete darkness, where your brain is relieved of all sensory stimulation. These elements create the perfect conditions for your brain to reach the deepest states of Alpha and Theta brainwaves. In these states, your relaxation response and immune system are fully functioning and your brain is in the most fertile state for manifesting your dreams!

Female Floating

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  •  30 min ~ 900 pesos
  • 60 min ~ 1200 pesos
  • 90 min ~ 1500 pesos

If you don’t see the time you desire on our online calendar, try calling +52.612.141.0790


We use premium grade Epsom salts…about 1,000lbs of it!