FIR Sauna

Sauna Caitlin

Far Infrared is the part of the light spectrum that we cannot see and it is what warms your skin as you step out into the sun. It is also very safe way to increase blood circulation, raise the metabolism, detox through the sweat glands and stimulate deep (tendons) and stagnant (fat) tissues. Between the heat and the increased vitality, the Far Infrared Sauna helps relieve pain, heal from injury, de-stress, improve insomnia and promote general well being.

Read all about what to expect in your First FIR Sauna Session!

Sauna and Juice Baja Bliss

You can enjoy a 30 min sauna in solo retreat or with a friend!

  • One person ~ 600 pesos
  • Two Person ~ 800 pesos
  • 5 Pack (One Person) ~ 2500 pesos
  • 5 Pack (Two Person) ~ 3400 pesos
  • Sauna & Facial combo ~ 1200 pesos

Detox or Weight-loss Regimen ~ We recommend 3-5 sessions per week for 4 weeks


General Well Being ~ 2-4 times per month


If you don’t see the time you desire on our online calendar, try calling +52.612.141.0790